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Creator Studio

Creative Thinking and Innovation Software for Business Use Creator Studio™ business innovation software to provoke new thinking and new ideas, and to apply them to creative problem solving, to create new solutions, inventions and innovations.

Suppose... you could start a powerful business innovation application on your computer, type in a situation you want to focus your creative thinking on and immediately be guided by wizard-like software through your creativity session, step by step. Interacting with creative thinking and innovation tools, creating new ideas, solving problems, inventing and innovating to achieve your desired goal.

Imagine... your team using these creative thinking and innovation tools to focus the power of their collective intelligence, knowledge, experience and creative abilities toward achieving the most challenging goals.

Enhance Creative Thinking and Innovation Creator Studio employs the creativity of the human mind (your mind) in combination with powerful creative thinking and innovation tools that are based on modern scientific discoveries into the creative thinking processes of the human mind.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity Creator Studio business innovation software offers a variety of Creativity Studios. Each Studio is specialized for achieving a specific type of creative thinking task and composed of a select group of automated creative thinking and innovation tools. Creator Studio helps reduce your workload and helps you be more organized, efficient and productive at creative thinking, creative problem solving, invention and innovation. Creator Studio business innovation tools help you and your team apply creative thinking on demand.

What will You achieve with Creative Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and Innovation?
· Grow your business.
· Out think your competition.
· Build a company wide innovation culture.
· Launch a continuous improvement program.
· Create new products and services.
· Improve existing products and services.
· Rapidly respond to dynamic business demands.
· Develop new marketing and sales strategies.
· Develop new business strategies.
· Reinvent businesses.
· Create innovative solutions to problems.
· Invent at the leading edge of what's possible.
· Change the world.
· All of the above Plus, lots more!

Innovation Anytime Anywhere Creator Studio business innovation software offers flexibility. With Creator Studio business innovation tools an individual user can do creative thinking, brainstorming on their own, at any convenient time and location. Creator Studio can also be used by local teams or teams dispersed worldwide. Ideas produced in Creator Studio sessions may also be used at a later time to jump-start and boost productivity of traditional brainstorming sessions.

Global Collaboration Teams of any size may collaborate in real-time worldwide, sharing ideas from their Creator Studio sessions and managing their creative thinking and innovation projects, using an enterprise social networking web app such as Basecamp or Yammer. Very small teams may only require email to collaborate effectively.

From Small Business to Enterprise Creator Studio business innovation software may be used by small and medium size businesses, large corporations and organizations, and it may be applied to any goals.

Return On Investment Just one New Innovation could easily be worth many times more than your investment to provide Creator Studio to your entire team.

CompXpress Products

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Get Creator Studio, Windows version for Desktop and Notebook PC's: Price $60 USD.

Please Note: After you purchase and download Creator Studio an Order Summary will be emailed to you, which contains information about your purchase and the Serial Number for your copy of Creator Studio. The serial number is required to activate Creator Studio. Please be sure to check your Junk mail and or Bulk mail folders for the Order Summary email. A serial number is not required to activate the Free trial of Creator Studio.

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Get a Fast Start with Creator Studio After installing the Windows version, visit the Product web page for an Introduction on using Creator Studio.

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Creator Studio System Requirements
To use Creator Studio, Desktop version, Standard Edition, Version 2.0, Download, you need:
An Internet connection to activate Creator Studio.
PC with Intel Pentium III, 32 bit, 300 MHz processor, minimum;
Intel Pentium 4, 32 bit, 1 GHz or higher 32 bit processor recommended.
For Intel 32 bit processor use 32 bit Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system.
PC with AMD, 32 bit, 500 MHz processor, minimum;
AMD 1 GHz, or higher 32 bit or 64 bit processor recommended.
For AMD 32 bit processor use 32 bit Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system.
For AMD 64 bit processor use 32 bit or 64 bit Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system.
4 MB of RAM.
3.8 MB free hard-disk space.
VGA or higher-resolution monitor; Super VGA and HD recommended.
Mouse or compatible pointing device.

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