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CompXpress, Inc. is revolutionizing the world of creative thinking and innovation in business with our Creator Studio™ PC software application and our Creator Studio mobile App. Combining cutting edge software with modern creative thinking methods, radically transforming how businesses can quickly bring to bear the power of new ideas and innovation to achieve the most challenging goals. Whether the challenge is creating new products and services, rapidly responding with new solutions to dynamic business demands or making continuous improvements to business operations, Creator Studio provides the tools that businesses can rely on.

At CompXpress we have a firm belief in the power of human creativity and its capacity to change the world. Our purpose at CompXpress is to change the world by helping people unleash their creative thinking ability and apply it in the areas of creative problem solving, invention and innovation. To make the world a better place and improve the human condition.

CompXpress is continuing research and development to make our products even better and to introduce other new products and services that also provide innovative state-of-the-art solutions.

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